The most powerful thing you can do before they leave primary school...

... is to teach them confidence, optimism and agency.

Before they leave your class, give your Year 6 students a program that will set them up for the secondary years.

Evidence shows that careers education has a powerful impact when delivered early and often. Yet often it is left too late.

BECOME grabs the attention of students from year 5 and up, stoking the fire of curiosity about the world of work.  Without pressure, students experiment and try on ideas about their future self.

By exploring who they are, what motivates them and where their talents lie, they're tackling one of life's biggest questions: who can I become?

Learn about the evidence-based, internationally lauded BECOME approach, and see the powerful effect it could have on your upper primary students.

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Notes From The Classroom:

The Transformative Impact of Careers Education in Year 6

Join us for this engaging and provocative event.

We will hear from classroom teachers about their real-world experience using BECOME to engage and motivate Year 6 students to take agency over their own future.

Learn how BECOME fosters exploration, opens students to a wider world of potential, and teaches them to take charge of their own life and learning.

The Transformative Impact of Careers Ed in Year 6


What people are saying

"BECOME is the most thoughtful and comprehensive program I have encountered for helping young people consider their future careers and lives. I wish all students could be a part of this work—not only for their future success, but also for focusing their commitment to learning right now."

- Ron Berger, Chief Education Officer, EL Education

Tap into the power of careers education

  • Join your peers on the approach that is nationally and internationally recognised as evidence-based best practice in career development.
  • Let us train your teaching team, and help you determine where it works within your existing curriculum and student wellbeing frameworks.
  • Give your students the benefit of BECOME starting from $15 per student, per year.
  • Make exploring the future the most exciting and engaging thing students do this year.
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